Environmental footprint

Zero Harm to the environment

CSL is committed to sustainable transportation and finding ways to move products for our customers efficiently and responsibly. For CSL this means ZERO HARM to the environment and is at the core of our 2030 Environmental Vision.


As a shipping company, exposed to the elements in every aspect of our operations, we are acutely aware of the impacts and risks posed by climate change. We are focusing our efforts on improving the efficiency of our existing fleet whilst developing solutions for the low carbon shipping of tomorrow... Read more »
CSL’s 2030 vision for water protection encompasses conserving our precious freshwater resources and protecting the marine ecosystems in which we operate. At CSL we strive to improve the understanding of interactions between shipping and marine biodiversity and work with researchers, governments and... Read more »
Giant Propeller
In a world of constrained and finite resources, responsible consumption and extending product life becomes increasingly important. CSL is committed to sustainable consumption and promoting resource stewardship through our supply chain. Produce 75% less shipboard waste than we did in 2010 Increase... Read more »