Accountability and measurement

In recognition of CSL’s fundamental goal and core value to conduct its operations with the highest standards of corporate social responsibility, CSL introduced its inaugural Corporate Sustainability Report in 2013. The annual publication marks an evolution from the CSL Environmental Report, first published in 2008 to report on the Company’s environmental performance.

While maintaining the solid environmental measurement and reporting of the previous reports, the scope of the Corporate Sustainability Report has been broadened to communicate in a transparent manner CSL’s commitment to safety, ethical behaviour, a positive workplace, employee and community engagement and value for customers. CSL believes that the responsibility of a good corporate citizen is to go beyond compliance in these areas and continuously seek to be better, safer, greener, cleaner and smarter. 

We believe in authentic change

Setting goals and measuring performance are tangible components of CSL’s environmental philosophy and key influencers in the company’s decision-making process. Through an issue-based agenda, CSL aims to drive innovation, gain efficiencies, increase safeguards against human error and ensure the highest environmental and safety standards.

Every year, CSL reports on environmental data that is tracked and collected on its vessels and in its offices to present a comprehensive picture of the company’s overall footprint. The data is used to identify areas for improvement and determine the appropriate solutions and actions. While standardization remains a challenge in some areas, CSL continues to work to improve the consistency of how data is collected, verified and reported throughout the company.