Our communities

At CSL, giving back to the diverse communities in which we operate is a corporate philosophy that is deeply embedded in the company culture. CSL and its employees are dedicated to enriching people, improving our natural environment and contributing to causes that make a difference.

CSL’s approach to good citizenship reflects the diverse interests of the company and focuses on three distinct pillars: education, the environment and social affairs – which includes arts and culture, community outreach and health and human services. Every year, CSL donates approximately one percent (1%) of its net profit to charitable organizations before extraordinary items.

In the area of education, CSL supports scholarship programs at a number of academic institutions including the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the Maine Maritime Academy, the Institut Maritime du Québec, the BC Institute of Technology, Georgian College and the Marine Institute of Memorial University. Candidates are evaluated and selected based on criteria established by CSL in collaboration with each institution. 

The environment represents a key component of CSL’s philanthropic efforts with such initiatives as the annual employee-led coastal cleanup drive in support of the Ocean Conservancy’s global campaign. CSL also contributes significantly to WWF research programs to promote biodiversity and protect species at risk, habitats, and natural ecosystems.

CSL is also a strong supporter of community outreach programs such as the Mission to Seafarers, the Red Cross, the Old Brewery Mission and Junior Achievement, and contributes to a multitude of other social causes worldwide including emergency relief. 

CSL’s philanthropic efforts are led by a Donations Committee that sets the annual donations budget and evaluates requests based on specific criteria. A portion of CSL’s donations budget is set aside each year to support a “Matching Gift and Employee Sponsorship Program.” Through this program, the company encourages the charitable activities of employees by matching donations to educational institutions and other fundraising efforts. Together with its employees, CSL is working to make a positive long-term difference in our communities and in the world.