Our Environment

Communities around the world expect marine transportation companies to conduct their operations in a manner that is respectful of the environment.

At CSL, we share this expectation and have made it a corporate goal to continually seek practices and technologies that will enhance our environmental performance. We believe that communities, government and industry stand to gain from sustainable business practices that respect our environment and lead to economic growth.

As part of our environmental policy, CSL is committed to communicating its environmental initiatives and performance to customers, suppliers and service providers in a transparent manner, and to creating awareness about the business case for all companies involved in the shipping industry to conduct their operations sustainably.

Short sea shipping is an important component of the global strategy to improve air quality by reducing land-based congestion and subsequent air pollution from less efficient trucks and rail carriers. On the Great Lakes alone, short sea shipping contributes to:

  • $34.6 billion in economic activity
  • 227,000 U.S. and Canadian Jobs
  • $4.7 billion in taxes (Canada and U.S. Federal/States)

Case Studies

 CSL Biofuel Case Study

Our Policies

  CSL's Environmental Policy

  CSL's Ship Recycling Policy