Health & Safety

CSL places the health and safety of its crews and employees as its highest priority. Through our SafePartners we continually work to enhance the safety of the CSL working environment through training, sharing best practices, learning from accidents and near misses, and maintaining an open and honest dialogue about safety.

Safety Philosophy

For CSL, safety is the first and most critical consideration when planning and conducting all of our operations. Striving for safety excellence means that we proactively manage risks and hazards that crews and employees can encounter on the job every day.

We also recognize that seafarers are the best positioned to understand and appreciate the importance of operating safely, which is why our approach to safety involves everyone – unlicensed crews, officers, office employees and management.

CSL understands that promoting and investing in health and safety not only benefits the quality of life of crews and employees, it’s also good for business. Companies that place safety as a core value tend to perform more efficiently and productively in all business components.