Self-unloading solutions

CSL's self-unloaders offer exceptional value, speed, versatility and efficiency. Their rapid discharge rate and reduced infrastructure and labour requirements make this bulk cargo handling option and effective and competitive solution that helps keep costs down and minimize environmental impacts.

CSL self-unloaders are often called upon to perform unique cargo deliveries for clients in all parts of the world. Several scenarios are oulined below.

CSL's self-unloaders are designed to deliver large amounts of cargo quickly, efficiently and with respect for the environment. As shown here, a company Panamax self-unloader uses her discharge boom to span across the water at the Port of Long Beach, CA and delivers her cargo with no spillage or... Read more »
CSL's self-unloaders can position their discharge booms to link precisely with shore-based takeaway equipment for a dust-free discharge, as shown in this delivery of gypsum at Tacoma, WA. CSL's new Panamax self-unloaders feature the latest dust-suppression technology, including: ... Read more »
While CSL's self-unloaders can upload to cargo piles at rates up to 6,000 tonnes per hour, they can also pinpoint cargo placement at customers' docks in ways that traditional bulk carriers can't. Here, a company self-unloader discharges through a roof opening at a customer's facility. By... Read more »
CSL's self-unloaders are versatile, as shown here with the vessel both delivering and positioning quarry rock for a construction project in southern California. The rock was used as underwater slope protection for the Port of Long Beach's Pier T development. CSL's self-unloaders save time... Read more »
An articulated boom can spread cargo over a wide area. Here, a CSL International Pool vessel unloads coal at Salem, MA (USA).  By placing cargo where it is needed, CSL self-unloaders reduce port congestion and demurrage costs because they: Eliminate many time-consuming steps in the handling... Read more »
CSL self-unloaders execute mid-sea, vessel-to-vessel transfers of cargo directly into barges, as shown here in a operation in the Pacific Northwest. CSL self-unloaders are the most efficient means to execute this type of transfer because they: Eliminate the need for docking facilities or extra... Read more »
CSL self-unloaders can discharge mountains of cargo, in this case sand and stone onto a beach at Bequia in the Grenadines without unloading or docking facilities at the site. The ship moored to an unwater shelf and used her 76-metre long articulated boom to deliver the 50,000-tonne cargo. ... Read more »