Types and Features

CSL owns and manages two types of transhippers: gravity-based and crane-based transhippers. CSL has recently developed the high-capacity Gravity Transhipment Shuttle Vessel (TSV) in response to customer demand to higher capacity, faster and cost effective transhipment solutions.

Gravity-Based Transhippers

Gravity Shuttle Barge and Vessels

Gravity shuttle barges and vessels feature an integrated shiploader or a shiploader on a separate pontoon. Their sizes vary from large (32,000dwt) to small (15,000dwt).

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Crane-Based Transhippers

Crane Barges and Crane Shuttle Bulk Vessels

Crane-based transhippers feature a crane/shiploader that is separate from the cargo barge or intergrated shiploader

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CSL’s Next Generation Transhipper

High-Capacity Gravity Transhipment Shuttle Vessel

CSL has developed a Gravity Transhipment Shuttle Vessel (TSV) that is setting new standards for productivity. Using proven solutions and technologies, CSL's TSV can tranship cargo at up to 10,000 TPH. The design allows for all dimensions - length, beam and draft - to be adjusted to suit the requirements of any project. The TSV ranges between 22,000 and 60,000 DWT - or even smaller for severely restricted ports and rivers.

For more information on the CSL's Gravity Transhipment Shuttle Vessel, please read our brochure or watch our informative video.


Additional Transhipment Information

For more information on CSL's transhipment capabilities, please consult the following: