CSL has adapted its gravity-based self-unloading technology to meet the rigorous requirements of high-volume transhipment. Our transhipment systems are designed and built to meet and often surpass the highest technological, safety and environmental standards.

Advantages of Transhipping with CSL

Low Cost          

  • CSL’s new generation of high-capacity transhippers provides a dramatically improved value proposition compared with older, often crane-based, transhipment options. With superior productivity, increased capacity, simple shore infrastructure and reliability built right into the design, CSL provides high value/low cost transhipment solutions.

Limited Capital Expenditure

  • Transhipping with CSL = lower shore side infrastructure, less capital and maintenance dredging. Plus, CSL will make the capital investment in the transhippers.

Bigger Ocean Going Vessels = Lower cost

  • CSL can tranship from ports with as little as a five metre draft.


  • The modular nature of transhippers provides inherent scalability and offers a realizable residual value once a mine comes to the end of its life.

Limited Impact on the Marine Environment

  • Transhippers require less or no dredging.
  • Their fully enclosed gravity-based cargo handling system eliminates the risk of fugitive material.
  • Their optimized design minimizes noise and vibration in both the air and water.

Fast and Efficient Loading

  • Transhipping rates up to 10,000 tph
  • Documented reliability

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