Scraper-Reclaimer Self-Unloaders

Scraper-reclaimer vessels are well-suited to handle granular materials such as gypsum, as well as free-flowing powder materials such as cement and fly-ash. They can also handle more cohesive, stickier materials. The scraper-reclaimer unloading system consists of a hoistable scraper system in the holds, elevators, conveyors on deck and a boom conveyor.

The scrapers, in all positions, are located above the cargo level. The transverse scraper moves the cargo towards the longitudinal scraper, which transfers it to the bucket elevator. The transverse scraper is supported by two longitudinal rails, one of which is attached to a longitudinal beam on one side and the other is attached to the longitudinal scraper on the other side.

The transverse scraper moves longitudinally on the rails by using a specially-designed traversing drive unit. The longitudinal beam and the longitudinal scraper slide vertically in guides fitted to the ship’s structure and can be hoisted and lowered by a winch through a system of wires. Bucket elevators lift the cargo above deck level to the conveyor system on deck. The deck conveyor transports the cargo to the discharge boom that moves cargo to the unloading point ashore.