Hybrid Self-Unloaders

Well-suited to self-load and carry out off-shore transhipment operations, hybrid self-unloading vessels use a mechanism, usually grabs, to raise the cargo and deposit it into a hopper onboard the vessel. The cargo is then carried by a series of conveyors on deck to the boom for a single point discharge.

The hybrid vessel’s cargo-handling system features deck-mounted conveyors and hoppers, four deck-mounted cranes with grabs, and three front-end loaders all working in unison. Crane drivers lower grabs into the cargo holds to lift cargo and deposit it into hoppers, which feed deck-mounted conveyor belts and then a discharge boom conveyor. The cargo is offloaded via the discharge boom, port or starboard, depending on the unload facility. The discharge and final clean-up is facilitated by front-end loaders operated by drivers in the cargo holds.