CSL Transhipment

Working with CSL's worldwide divisions in Asia, Australia, the Americas, Canada and Europe, CSL Transhipment manages the company’s global transhipment activities.

What We Do

CSL Transhipment provides customers with proven, reliable transhipment solutions that are customized to provide maximum productivity. We have adapted the technologies we have perfected with self-unloaders in new and innovative configurations to build barges, vessels and platforms that perform high-volume transhipment. Both our crane- and gravity-based transhipment systems are designed and built to meet or surpass the highest technological, safety and environmental standards.

CSL Transhipment offers a full service approach to meet its customers' transhipment needs. In the initial stage, we conceptualize transhipment solutions and provide a comprehensive analysis of productivity, throughput, lead time, risk and cost. When an investment decision is made, CSL provides all capital for the transhipper, builds it, owns it and operates it – while guaranteeing productivity. By charging on a per tonne basis, CSL offers its customers with a ‘pay as you earn’ approach.

Currently under development is CSL's Gravity Transhipment Shuttle Vessel (TSV) that will tranship cargo at up to 10,000 tonnes per hour (TPH). The design allows all dimensions – length, beam and draft – to be adjusted to suit the requirements of any project. The TSV can range between 22,000 and 60,000 metric tonnes (MT) deadweight tonnage (DWT) – or even smaller for severely restricted ports and rivers. For more information on our TSV, please read our brochure or watch our informative video.

Where We Operate

CSL Transhipment operates in all parts of the world. We operate various transhipment handling vessels and floating transhipment platform facilities, including self-unloading bulk carriers and purpose-built transhippers. We tranship more than 24 million tonnes of cargo annually in Australia, Asia, Canada and the Americas.

You can find more information on CSL’s transhipment solutions here.