CSL Americas offers a wide range of on shore opportunities and a stimulating and challenging working environment in our offices in Boston, USA, and Vancouver, Canada.

For more information on shore-based opportunities available at CSL Americas and throughout CSL's worldwide offices, visit the online job board.

Ship-Based Employment

CSL Americas works alongside partner V.Ships Ukraine to offer mariners a safe working environment, a salary-benefits package, flexible vacation schedules and various career advancement opportunities.

Visit V.Ships Ukraine to learn about the qualifications needed to work on one of our ships and the details to submit an application. Email to send a CV directly to V.Ships Ukraine.

Descriptions of the various crew positions available on CSL vessels can be found in our Ship-Based Careers section.

Scholarship / Internship Programs

Every year, CSL Americas offers scholarships through the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and the Maine Maritime Academy. The scholarships are distributed by the institutions and are based on financial need. For more information on CSL Americas’ sponsored scholarships, contact the scholarship department at your institution of choice.

CSL Americas also offers shore-based internships to students from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and the Maine Maritime Academy. One to four summer internships take place in our Beverly offices every year. They are awarded to students who are studying in the marine industry and require an internship to complete their studies. For more information on our internships, contact one of these institutions.