Safety programs

SafePartners is CSL's in-house safety program. It recognizes that seafarers are the best positioned to understand and appreciate the importance of operating safely, SafePartners aims to improve health and safety, promote best practices and reduce lost-time incidents.


The mission of SafePartners is to achieve a world-class standard safety culture at CSL. SafePartners’ goal is to have the voices of all employees, shipboard and ashore, heard and united as one to continuously improve and promote a safe working environment for all.

Key Features

SafePartners is dedicated to bringing about positive change by allowing employees to take a proactive role in improving the health and safety of their working environment. Key features of SafePartners are:

  • SafePartners is designed to involve everyone: unlicensed crew, officers and office management team. People onboard vessels know best what is wrong with our safety culture and how best to fix it, and they need to be supported by management.
  • SafePartners does not only focus on fixing the hardware but aims to modify unsafe behaviours and change the way we think while we work.
  • SafePartners is a multiyear program that will fundamentally change our safety culture for the long term