Management Team


President and Chief Executive Officer, CSL Group

Rod Jones was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of The CSL Group Inc. in 2008.  He initially joined Canada Steamship Lines as Director of Marketing in 1985 and, subsequently, became President of CSL International in 1992.


President, CSL International, and Executive Vice-President, CSL Group

Louis Martel joined Canada Steamship Lines as a Naval Architect in 1997 and transferred to CSL Americas where he became Vice-President, Technical Operations. Mr. Martel took the helm of Canada Steamship Lines as President in April 2012. He was promoted to Executive Vice-President, CSL Group, and President, Canada Steamship Lines in January 2014, and President, CSL International in January 2015.


President, Canada Steamship Lines

Allister Paterson joined CSL as President of Canada Steamship Lines in January 2015. 


Chief Financial Officer, CSL Group

Mathieu Lupien joined CSL in 2014 as Chief Financial Officer. In this position he is responsible for CSL's Corporate Finance and Information Technology teams. 


Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer, CSL Group

Martine Rivard joined CSL as Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer in July 2012. In this position, she is responsible for the company's global human resources strategy.


Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, CSL Group

John Sypnowich joined CSL in December 2008 as Director of Legal Affairs and was appointed Chief Legal and Compliance Officer in January 2012.


Vice-President and Managing Director, CSL Americas

Jeff Barnes began his career with CSL in October 2008 as Director of Finance/Controller of CSL Americas. In 2011, he successfully led the integration of CSL’s new European operations and was promoted to Vice-President and Managing Director of CSL Europe in 2012. In 2014, Mr. Barnes moved to the Beverly office where he leads CSL Americas.


Vice-President and Managing Director, CSL Australia

William Bisset joined CSL in 2014 as Managing Director of CSL Australia.


Vice-President and Managing Director, CSL Europe, CSL Asia / Transhipment

Jakob Hansen joined CSL in 2009 and has since led CSL's Transhipment and Asia operations from the company's Singapore office. Mr. Hansen was promoted to Vice-President and Managing Director of the Asia division in 2012 and CSL Europe in 2014.


Vice-President, Global Technical and Safety

Nathalie Sykora has been with CSL since May 1998, when she joined Canada Steamship Lines as Project Engineering Assistant on the forebodies project team.  She transferred to CSL Americas in 2006 as Manager, Technical Operations. She was promoted to Director in 2008 and to Senior Director, Technical Operations, in 2013. In 2014, Mrs. Sykora became Vice-President, Global Technical and Safety.