CSL Australia

Established in 1999, CSL Australia Ltd. (CSLA) is today the largest owner of Australian-registered vessels operating in Australian waters and the major supplier of shipping services to the construction and building industries.

What We Do

Based in Sydney, we operate the Whyalla transhipment facility (including a transhipment platform, one ship and two barges), as well as a fleet of nine vessels, consisting of six self-unloaders, two pneumatic cement carriers and a long-term charter.

We provide specialized self-unloading and transhipment services and deliver over 8.5 million tonnes of dry bulk cargo a year for customers primarily in the construction industry. The cargo we transport includes cement, gypsum, clinker, coal, salt, sugar, iron ore, alumina, limestone and heavy mineral concentrate.

Our iron-ore transhipment operation takes place about eight nautical miles from Whyalla, in the Upper Spencer Gulf of South Australia. We utilise two self-unloading barges, one transhipment platform and a specialised self-unloading transhipment vessel. As this particular project is unique within the Asia-Pacific region, we regularly welcome industry visitors and aim to make it the benchmark for all transhipping operations in our region. For more information on our transhipment operations, consult our transhipment brochure and transhipment videos.

More than 150 Australian maritime workers are employed on CSLA-owned vessels and transhipment vessels. We also undertake to train, develop and nurture young Australians attracted to a life at sea. Our seagoing personnel are regularly given the opportunity to undertake courses at the Australian Maritime College in Launceston, Tasmania to upgrade their knowledge and ensure they remain competitive in the global shipping world. Local management and staff are active in the Whyalla community and help support the local economy. Our corporate flag can also be seen at selected community events throughout the year, and we have developed a good relationship across the city. For more information on employment opportunities at CSL Australia, visit our careers page.

Where We Operate


We operate chiefly on the East Coast of Australia, from Queensland to South Australia, however we also carry cargo Australia-wide, including to and from Western Australia.